U3 Applications

U3Applications.com was a site I ran from 2008-2013 that distributed applications packaged for the portable¬†U3 platform. I did not make the apps themselves, I just redistributed them (with permission from the authors) in a way that was compatible with Sandisk’s platform. At its height, U3Apps.com was the most visited site for U3 packaged apps, receiving tens of thousands of hits per month and ranking number one on Google for U3 apps. I shut the site down due to decreased interest in U3, which occurred because Sandisk withdrew support for it in 2009. Portable Apps live on, however, at PortableApps.com, which offers applications that are packaged to be portable without the need for specialized flash drives, as the U3 platform required.

  • Client: The Internet
  • Date: Jun 15, 2008
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