New Site

Sometimes, you need to start fresh. Especially when your website design was as crappy as mine was. I’ve always said I’m not a designer, and that remains as true as ever – I don’t mind saying that I designed the previous iteration of this site. But now I’m using a professional design that not only looks better, it is specifically created to allow me to display my portfolio.¬†With all the projects I’ve worked on over the years, I think this design is ideal for the site. I’m still working on getting samples of everything I’ve done in here in a way that looks good so you can see what sort of stuff I do.

This new site, though, isn’t just about design. This is also the first time I’ve delved deep in to the workings of a CMS. I have to say, I like WordPress – the basic setup is easy, and the fancy stuff isn’t much harder, and is well documented. I used to like to do everything myself – for instance, I was planning on taking the theme file and just putting it over my own framework. But when I did decide to use WordPress, I’ve found that it has made things easier, and I’m sure I’ll continue to enjoy exploring its full capabilities. Don’t get me wrong – often custom is the way to go – but in this case WordPress has¬†impressed me, and I would recommend it to you even if you’re not blogging, just wanting to set up a (semi-) static site.

Anyway, all that to say I hope you like the new site!

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